Text from 6 June 2014 response to Cessnock Council Public Officer

Dear sir,

I refer to your correspondence dated 16 May 2014[0], ...

Details of Councillor Troy's offences are set out at <http://mountbaker.boxall.id.au/rave/#troy%20email>. If you read the site, you will find evidence of remarkable circumstantial correlation, in both detail and timing, between Councillor Troy's email of 25 November 2013 and that from the applicants of DA 8/2013/679/1 next day.

The circumstances pose questions. Those questions must be answered, if only to clear Councillor Troy.

Your letter refers to the limitations of your access. The interests of Council and Councillor Troy will be best served if you find a body which has sufficient authority and, with them, conduct a thorough investigation. Matters have been referred to ICAC and the Information and Privacy Commission; those bodies might assist.

[0]The link was not in the original message

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